TCPcloud Presents Service

The TCPcloud Presents Service is designed to help local businesses advertise each other, to help your clients learn more about your business and other local businesses in your area.

While your clients are waiting in line they can learn more about the products or services you offer, as well as about other businesses.

It happens to us sometime we go to the same salon or store for many years and we think we know the area around it, but it’s possible we don’t know what is happening next door unless somebody tells us. TCPcloud Presents service has been designed to take care of situations like that.

How it works

We install our device in your business.

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You select content to show

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It will display information about your business, products or service and then show ads about your neighbors deals and about other local business.

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Other businesses may have similar devices installed and provide information about your business for their clients and about deals in the area.

See short video to get better idea.


The system allows to set rules to play web content or music for specific slides; light & gyro sensors can be setup to trigger selected set of slides to show. It also may server as an additional security camera.

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