Applies to Picture Navigator for OneDrive and TCPcloud Presents


Collection mode

  • If selection by tags missing some albums then turn on “Force to re-scan tags on next sync” on PC where “Tag scanner” is turn on. It will force to check for tags all albums, not just new once (not existing tags would be deleted only by turn on “Force to re-scan tags on next sync”).
  • While playing stored collection pinned content will be ignored
  • While viewing an album app will pick background playlist in the following priority order: collection playlist, album playlist and default playlist


Pinned rules

  • To remove pinned rules you would have to use playlist editor


How to exclude:

♦ albums in Continues Play mode

For example you have album/folder with the names  Work, Unsorted and Private that you don’t want to be seen in slideshow’s continues play mode.

To exclude them:

  • Open the Jump to Album on the Main page
  • In the text box type: ^(?!(Work|Unsorted|Private))
  • Close Jump to Album
  • Click the first item in the album you want to start your slideshow with
  • Slideshow now will be playing excluding album names started with words Work, Unsorted or Private

Additional exclude examples:

  • To exclude all folder names that contain words:


  • To exclude all family photo folders located under the albums folder:

^Albums(?!.*(Family photos)) — exclude Family photos

  • To exclude everything except folders containing 2014 and 2015 under the albums folder:

Albums(.*(2014|2015)) — only 2014 & 2015

♦ files from viewing
  • add to file name: _[skip]
♦ folders from been scanned by app
  • any folder name that contains TCPcloudData and all subfolders will be excluded from scanning


TCPcloud Presents

Everything in the section above applies to this app too, but it provides even broader specter of functionality then Picture Navigator for OneDrive:

  • pin to image not only background music, but also sound effect, web link or HTML block
  • playlist editor provides more functionality, like duration of audio or video content can be specified; no need to cut files, just add files to an album and specify desired start/end times
  • copy collection files to another location and play this collection later on any device via this app
  • play collection at certain time
  • link photos
  • on attendance logic allows to play preselected albums in event when screen touched, light changed or positions changed (device support required)
  • Map it give you option to see all visited place in an album on the map
  • running text (marquee)


Collection mode

  • Attendance settings will be ignored in Collection mode
  • Copy selected by collection files to another location. You can play this collection later on any device via this app (do right click when ready to apply collection settings)


Pinned rules


App supports the following format for web link:

url w:(big || small || number) p:(max || sec pause for:sec pause warn)

  • url examples:
    • https://www.youtube.com/embed/hdxYXpPhhjY?rel=0&autoplay=1
    • https://www.youtube.com/embed/tgeFKVX2C-o w:700
    • Html block
  • cmd examples:
    • cmd p:7:5


How to link items:


App will even solve your problem when you can’t pick the best photo to store. Save all them, pick the main, link the rest of them the main photo. It will play main and select random one each time when album displayed


How to setup app to play:

♦ stored collection at certain time


In the Documents / TCPcloudData / TCPcloudPresents / BMPro on your OneDrive create file name starting with: TCPcloud_BMPro_

File content examples:

      • to start playing “Vacation” collection at 1:30 pm:
      • to cancel playing collection at 2 pm:

IsColl – should be always set to true
WhatName – name of stored collection or RemoveCollSettings
WhatTimeHH – Hour [00-23]
WhatTimeMM – Minute [00-59]
HowOften – should be always set to -1
ItemDuration – duration of each slide in collection or -1 to allow use default duration

♦ selected files at certain time

In the Documents / TCPcloudData / TCPcloudPresents / BMPro on your OneDrive create folder, put desired files there and create file name starting with: TCPcloud_BMPro_

File content example:

      • to start playing “Birthday pictures” file selection at 1:30 pm:
♦ recently updated albums at certain time

File content example:

      •  to play recently updated albums every 3 hrs



OneDrive supports the following video formats

• MP4 (.mp4)
• Windows Media Video (.wmv)
• QuickTime movie (.mov)
• Apple video files (.m4v)

To read more about supported formats go to http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/onedrive/video-formats-supported-faq


What is an Album

Album is a folder on your OneDrive that contains photos or videos as well as child albums and child folders.


How to upload files to OneDrive

• You need to have “Microsoft account” (what used to be called a “Windows Live ID”). If you don’t have it then to create one go to Outlook.com and click on “Sign up now“. To read more about “Microsoft account” go to http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-live/sign-in-what-is-microsoft-account

• To manage albums go to OneDrive.com on the web or run Microsoft’s OneDrive app.

via OneDrive.com

use controls on top

SkyDrive.com -_controls

via OneDrive app

 use controls from app bars (to get the app bar up without touch do right-click with the mouse)

SkyDrive - controls

• If you have pictures stored on OneDrive then they have to be in a folder, not under OneDrive root. OneDrive Picture Navigator designed not to access files stored under OneDrive root.


How to Remove Sharing Permissions?

To change permission for selected OneDrive item click on Share in the top menu in the right panel. In the pop-up window under permissions, select a person or group and then click Remove permissions.


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