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Did you ever thought about using digital solutions to provide more information about your business outside of your web page? You can replace boring bulletin boards and paper adds into attractive display of your company information that can be displayed on a big TV screen.

The TCPcloud Presents application is designed to help businesses easily replace combo/bulletin boards or any other printed materials with something very attractive, modern and useful to businesses and their clients. You can turn any Windows device into digital frame or advertising stand with no effort!

Our product can help your customers to learn about your company, products, highlight today’s specials, schedule changes or learn about new team members. It can be beneficial to many businesses, offices as well as restaurants. Images, videos and pdf document content can be updated remotely and it is very easy to rearrange. You are in control of what you want to show and how.

Using built-in video news feeds will help to keep your clients attention on the screen. The app is designed to run in Kiosk mode on any Windows 8.1/10 devices and can be projected to TV screen so information will be available to more clients. You can set rules to play web content or music for specific slides; light, gyro or touch sensors can be setup to trigger pre-defined set of slides to show.


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App allows to play specific albums at predefined time or display images filtered by tags and folders (see FAQ). It also can serve as an additional security camera.

TCPcloud Presents
TCP cloud

TCP cloud

Digital technology has stormed into our lives and into our memories. Our mission is to provide products and services to help our customers step into the digital era.

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