Memory quilt

Our photos are one of the best ways to share and preserve memories, and we are taking more than ever before! We now have a solution to help you navigate, organize, and share the photos that you have taken.

Sometimes it’s hard to pick the best picture to put in a frame or share with friends and family, and you don’t want to delete any of them and lose access to those precious memories.
The  Memory quilt  app solves this problem! It automatically groups photos in albums and randomly picks one in each group to present in your slideshow. This app allows you to view pictures on OneDrive without digging through folders. It helps you create an instant multimedia slideshow from any folder with background music.
You can keep adding more photos to make your story better, create a quilt of your memories that grows richer over time!

  • Simple and intuitive interface that enhances your navigation and viewing experience
  • To create a show for a special occasion, select tags and add music, no need to create a folder with a collection of photos
  • Auto grouping – groups photos in albums and randomly picks one in each group, which makes your slideshow “short and sweet” if necessary, without losing the storyline
  • Map it – to show on map where the picture was taken or build a route of an album
  • The app will use audio files in the album as background music
  • In offline mode, the app will play albums available offline on your device
  • Sensors can be set up to trigger a pre-defined set of slides to show
  • Pin music or background sound to a specific picture
  • Set rules to play web content for particular slides
  • Background music editor
  • PDF & PNG files support


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App allows to play specific albums at predefined time or display images filtered by tags and folders (see FAQ).

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